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About Hopper 

In 2010, the plan was born.  Set up a coffee bar.  Just a nice place to ‘be’.  A place to enjoy marvellous coffee and exceptional lunches.  Smallish and relaxed....  There is where it went wrong!  During the whole process all sorts of questions popped up like whose coffee to work with and what bread.  Which products would suit us?  All organic?  One thing stood out, we wanted to let taste be the judge of everything.  During the quest for taste, we found that almost every question could be answered with the same answer: “Let’s do it ourselves”.  Following other peoples trail just wasn’t and is still not our thing.  So came a real ‘floor’ oven to bake our daily bread, one like they use in France. And a Giesen coffee roaster, to roast the beans.  The rest of the story is known by quite a few.  At Hopper nothing much is left to chance. If we make it ourselves, we know what’s in it and we know it’s good!  Hopper has grown to be a self-sufficient and independent company.  Branching out in early 2015 to a second store in the north of Rotterdam where we try to supply people with what’s driving us: Taste!

Coffee Roasters & Artisan Bakery

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